LA the CLMD way

One of my favorite memories is from LA. I dumped my girlfriend there, and got back together with her a few hours later. I know, and she will never let me forget it. I also met my best friend there, made my best tracks and went to the best parties. So I will tell you what to do, to have a time as good as I did in the city of angels.


The parties: The best parties are house parties, so you need to get some friends over there ASAP. Norwegians tend to stick together as soon as they go abroad, so the Norwegian community in LA is huge, and everyone knows each other. I made friends straight away as I already had some from before and got to go to amazing parties at peoples houses. But I have to say the parties at Villa Mimosa, our house, was legendary. But if you don’t have any house parties to go to, you should check out Sound, Exchange, Avalon and Warwick. People will tell you to check out 1 Oak, but I promise you, it’s a tourist trap and you might see the tip og a Kardashian hair extension, but that’s about it. I also like Bootsy Bellows and Blind Dragon. They’re more like what you imagine 1 Oak to be.

A night in LA, where we surprisingly was let into Blind Dragon even though we were pretending to be a band and looked like retards.

The restaurants: In LA you can eat whenever you want, whatever you want. I got Taco Bell delivered to my door way too often, but hey, when in Vegas. For lunch I like Urth Café (this is where I dumped my girlfriend that one time, so I guess we’re not going back there), and Toast. For dinner I’m a regular at Laurel Hardware, The Polo Lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel and SLS Bazaar. Katana and Katsuya have amazing sushi. I tend to stay away from The Ivy, because again – tourist trap. Also, everyone says it, but it’s the truth – In-n-Out Burgers is a must, and you should get animal style everything.

The beaches: I’m a beachy kinda guy, but I haven’t actually spent a lot of time on the beaches of LA. I’ve been to Malibu, but the ocean is so incredibly cold to swim in! We had a pool, so I just usually stayed there. But you should go to El Matador.

The Shopping: If you’re into vintage, you should go to Melrose Avenue. They have everything, and it’s not overpriced. Rodeo Drive is where you get you Chanels and YSLs, obviously. The Grove is very nice, especially at Christmas time. If you’re patient and have a car, there’s a good outlet mall a few hours outside of the city, direction of Palm Springs, they have a lot of the high end brands.

Other stuff to do: Universal Studios and Disney Land is fun to do, but expensive and constantly full of tourists. I like to go to the luxury cinema, where you can order burgers and wine, get a blanket and a massive couch to hang out in. For fun, we’d also go to Saddle Ranch. Totally ratchet place, but funny as hell with the right people.



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