New York City, you babe

I’ve missed this place SO MUCH! I remember leaving here, leaving both Carl and initially CLMD behind me, and thinking I was SO done with this place. Eventually, I decided to take CLMD on by myself, I moved to LA and sort of pushed the reset-button of my life. And now I’m back here for the first time since then.

Honestly, I could never be done with New York. It’s like I never left. I feel like this is CLMDs home, so as soon as we can pack up (and I can convince my girlfriend), I’ll get back here.

I want to do a New York guide for you, I just need to live a little here first and get to know this babe of a city again. But what I can tell you immediately, the cheeseburger springrolls at Delicatessen are still the best.



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