Skinny Studio Days

I keep going on about being stuck in the studio, but I swear, it’s the truth. Lately I’ve been working with the duo Skinny Days. They’re two Norwegians that have made some great tracks, and their sound is more towards my sound, than that tropical thing that’s been going on lately that I don’t feel for at all. The problem with tropical house for me, is that it’s taking the genuin-ness out of house music. It’s very cynical and focus more on commercialness. I wouldn’t actually call it house music at all, it’s just computerized pop music, TBH.

Anyway, back to Skinny Days. They’re incredibly talented and share many of my views on music. We have had some really fun days in the studio, so I can’t wait to show you the final result.

Skjermbilde 2017-03-27 kl. 10.33.52
A casual studio picture with Skinny Days and Oda.

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