Skinny Studio Days

I keep going on about being stuck in the studio, but I swear, it’s the truth. Lately I’ve been working with the duo Skinny Days. They’re two Norwegians that have made some great tracks, and their sound is more towards my sound, than that tropical thing that’s been going on lately that I don’t feel for at all. The problem with tropical house for me, is that it’s taking the genuin-ness out of house music. It’s very cynical and focus more on commercialness. I wouldn’t actually call it house music at all, it’s just computerized pop music, TBH.

Anyway, back to Skinny Days. They’re incredibly talented and share many of my views on music. We have had some really fun days in the studio, so I can’t wait to show you the final result.

Skjermbilde 2017-03-27 kl. 10.33.52
A casual studio picture with Skinny Days and Oda.


You might remember a while back, I told you about the PO-14 SUB, the Pocket Synth from Teenage Engineering. It’s such a joy to play with, and I’ve used it a lot lately. But now, you can have it! I’m selling it on Letgo! Watch the video below (It’s in Norwegian, sorry.), and pick up the synth HERE. (Only for Norwegians, sorry.). If you want to get shopping in your own area, you can download the app HERE.

The Legend

The heir of all my assets (for now) Baphliff, is a legend from the streets of LA. He was a stray dog that was round up by a shelter when I was living there, and from the second I laid eyes on him, I knew he had to stay. I wasn’t planning on moving back to Norway so quickly after getting him, but he had no choice but to tag along. Now he’s a bad ass, ball-less gangster in the streets of Oslo instead. But he has a passport and everything now, so he can come wherever I decide to move my restless ass. Today marks the one year anniversary of him moving to cold Norway, so I just want to give him a high five for sticking out in the cold here (he has gotten sweaters and even a parkas and boots). You’re the man, Baph. ❤


Eurovision Song Contest

Last night I did something very much unlike myself – I stayed in, and spent the entire night watching the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest. My good friend and colleague Joakim was competing (under the pseudonym JOWST) with a song I’ve had the pleasure to give my input on. He’s been working on the song for so long, and he is such a talented guy. With Aleksander Wallman on vocals and behind a LED-mask, he actually went and won the finale! He will now represent Norway in the international Eurovision finale in Kiev, Ukraine! So deserved, and so much fun that a modern-style EDM track  will represent our country!

In the studio with Nicoline and Joakim, and of course the living legend Baphliff.
And Sondrey, Ehsan, Kaveh and Joakim. No Baphliff in this pic 😦



This is how i feel today. Need coffee and a solid couple of hours at the gym. But first, the studio!


After spending months, and now two years in the studio with my album (coming soon, I promise!), I’ve come to the point where I feel like I’ve exhausted my own resources. It’s not easy staying creative and progressive on an everyday basis when you’re constantly emptying yourself. I’ve realized I need to do me now, at least for a while. I’ve signed up to a new gym, one that can help me improve myself on everything physical. I’m not very into the whole training thing, so I need professionals, for sure. I’ll share my routine as soon as I get into it, and hopefully we’ll get some good results to share too 🙂

I got myself new training clothes while in the US, for motivational purposes.

Vixen Blog Awards

Here in Norway, there’s an annual award show for the most influential bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers in the country. I’m no where near as good as a blogger as some of these people, but I was lucky enough to get to go to the party anyway. There was no prizes for me, but I got to have a lot of fun with some of my best friends.

The night ended with my girlfriend and a buddy of mine having a show down of gymnastics skills in the hotel corridor, which of course led to them both injuring themselves. But all in all, a good night 🙂

The Main Level, Thomas Hayes, my friend Valera and myself kicking it in the Specsavers photo booth.