It might actually be spring already in Oslo! Today was so warm, we sat down in the park with no jacket on. I’m literally flabbergasted. But this happens every year. The winter is so long and dreary and then suddenly – Spring!

Skjermbilde 2017-03-27 kl. 10.02.03
Jacket: Samsøe Samsøe // Sunglasses: SEE Eyewear // T-Shirt: M.A.M.B Oslo

Breakfast date with J. Lindeberg

I occasionally get to do other things than sitting in a studio or going on tour. These days, because I’m finishing my album, I’m pretty much stuck in the studio, but that also means staying in one plays for a while – for once. That also means I get to do something different before, or after studio time. Today, I went and had breakfast with one of the most inspiring personalities in the Scandinavian fashion industry, Johan Lindeberg.


Lindeberg started out with his own brand, J. Lindeberg. This was immensely popular when I was in my teens. Then Lindeberg took off from J. Lindeberg, and went on to start BLK DNM, my absolute favorite brand for leather jackets.

Thanks to Mildh Press for organizing such a great fashion breakfast at The Thief Hotel, and thank you Johan Lindeberg for continuing being you and being an inspiration. (Also thank you for regramming my picture on Instagram)