I absolutely love watches, and I’m a firm believer that a great watch can make any outfit. I’ve known the Norwegian brand Boe for years, and now they’ve done me the incredible honor of designing a style in my name! Say hello to the CLMD Time Rocker!


I love the gold and black steel combination, and this watch is like an echo of my wardrobe, so it goes with almost everything I have.

But it doesn’t actually stop there. This piece is getting a new dial these days, and it’s looking insanely cool. I can’t believe they’re writing CLMD all over this piece.

What do you think?

Skjermbilde 2017-03-17 kl. 11.43.47


Pink Spring

It might only be January still, but I’ve already invested a little in my spring wardrobe. I got this pink sweatshirt at Weekday right before New Years, and I’m really feeling it! I’d never thought I’d bring back the pinks in my closet (had an unfortunate pink period in my teens), but I feel like I might go after some more pink pieces now that I’ve tried it on again.


Skjermbilde 2017-01-02 kl. 19.00.53.png
Coat by Marc Jacobs, sweater by Weekday, Jeans by Zara and shoes by Diemme.