Thank You, Stavkroa!

The gig at Stavkroa was as fun as ever. Thank you to everyone who came out, and to Calle and his crew for the superstar treatment. Can’t wait to come back ❤

All photos by Rainer Kleive.

Can you tell I love my job?
Obligatory celebration post-set

Stavkroa – Hemsedal

I’m hitting the road again this weekend. Saturday I’m heading for the mountains to play a show at what is supposed to be one of the best after-skis in the world, Hemsedal. I’ve been coming to Stavkroa in Hemsedal for years and it’s tons of fun every time. Calle, the man in charge up there, is also one of the greatest people to work with, and we always come up with a great show together. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by!


Thank you, Stockholm!

My first ever gig in Stockholm, Sweden is over and done with, and let me tell you – those Swedes know how to turn up. I had an amazing time playing Berns, and I’m so grateful for every single one who took the time to come out and party with me! The club was packed and I got to play a set that was completely next level for me. Had so much fun! On top of that, we managed to squeeze in a studio session in Axwells old studio, Sebjak and I.

Perfect techno-themed weekend!

The only picture I managed to find from the evening, borrowed from @n.zambon on Instagram ❤ 

Next up: BERNS – Stockholm!

So excited about my first visit to Stockholm!

Vixen Blog Awards

Here in Norway, there’s an annual award show for the most influential bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers in the country. I’m no where near as good as a blogger as some of these people, but I was lucky enough to get to go to the party anyway. There was no prizes for me, but I got to have a lot of fun with some of my best friends.

The night ended with my girlfriend and a buddy of mine having a show down of gymnastics skills in the hotel corridor, which of course led to them both injuring themselves. But all in all, a good night 🙂

The Main Level, Thomas Hayes, my friend Valera and myself kicking it in the Specsavers photo booth.