The Stockholm Syndrome

Long days in the studio does my blog no favors. I’m lacking new and interesting stuff to tell you guys about, so I’d thought I’d take you down memory lane for a minute. Also, Carl Louis new album is called Memory Lane, go check it out, it’s incredible.

Fun facts about The Stockholm Syndrome:

  • The girl in the video is actually my ex-girlfriend, Ada Martini.
  • The guy in the video is Samuel, one of my good friends from New York. He runs a boxing bootcamp in Marseille these days, so if you feel like an active holiday, you should check it out.
  • This song is one of Thomas Hayes favorite songs.
  • The vocals on this track is by Frøder, who also features on Phoenix with me.
  • We performed this live on TV, as the opening act for Norwegian Grammys.

Thank You, Stavkroa!

The gig at Stavkroa was as fun as ever. Thank you to everyone who came out, and to Calle and his crew for the superstar treatment. Can’t wait to come back ❤

All photos by Rainer Kleive.

Can you tell I love my job?
Obligatory celebration post-set


I absolutely love watches, and I’m a firm believer that a great watch can make any outfit. I’ve known the Norwegian brand Boe for years, and now they’ve done me the incredible honor of designing a style in my name! Say hello to the CLMD Time Rocker!


I love the gold and black steel combination, and this watch is like an echo of my wardrobe, so it goes with almost everything I have.

But it doesn’t actually stop there. This piece is getting a new dial these days, and it’s looking insanely cool. I can’t believe they’re writing CLMD all over this piece.

What do you think?

Skjermbilde 2017-03-17 kl. 11.43.47

New York City, you babe

I’ve missed this place SO MUCH! I remember leaving here, leaving both Carl and initially CLMD behind me, and thinking I was SO done with this place. Eventually, I decided to take CLMD on by myself, I moved to LA and sort of pushed the reset-button of my life. And now I’m back here for the first time since then.

Honestly, I could never be done with New York. It’s like I never left. I feel like this is CLMDs home, so as soon as we can pack up (and I can convince my girlfriend), I’ll get back here.

I want to do a New York guide for you, I just need to live a little here first and get to know this babe of a city again. But what I can tell you immediately, the cheeseburger springrolls at Delicatessen are still the best.


The Sunshine State

February is usually quite a quiet month for me, so I grabbed the opportunity to pack my things and go to Florida! My parents own a house there, so lucky for me it’s real easy to just get up and go when I have the time for once.

The second we landed in Florida though, I had tons of e-mails, mixes and phone calls to deal with, but let’s be honest – it’s a lot better to deal with work from a 30 degree celcius environment. After the initial workfest, I finally got a few days in the sun.

Next up is New York City!