Preparing For The Voice

I’m probably the first ever mentor in the history of “The Voice” which is not very commercial and not even a vocalist. I think it’s fun, and a little extra challenging. But it does mean that I need to broaden my horizon about top 40 music. To soften up my ears, I’ve created a Spotify playlist for just that. This is songs I would very much like to hear the participants sing during the competition. Is there a song you feel like is missing here?



Dry/Wet – a playlist by CLMD

I have a full-length album coming out later this year, and I spend my days giving it every kind of finishing touches. But still the release is some time away. While you wait for my masterpiece, you can listen to my playlist of my favorite tracks at the moment below!


New Music – “Stronger” ft. Davion Farris and Farah Ash!

It’s that time again – I got some new music for you guys!

Check out “Stronger” ft. Davion Farris and Farah Ash below.

CLMD ft. Frøder -“Phoenix” OUT NOW

It’s finally here guys! “Phoenix” ft. Frøder is finally available where you listen to music, so I hope you’ll give it a few spins and let me know what you think!

Some of you might remember Frøder from a little something called “The Stockholm Syndrome”, and it was really great to work with her again. Her voice is absolute magic. She’s out with some new music herself, so while you’re already listening to “Phoenix” you should check her new stuff out too.