You might remember a while back, I told you about the PO-14 SUB, the Pocket Synth from Teenage Engineering. It’s such a joy to play with, and I’ve used it a lot lately. But now, you can have it! I’m selling it on Letgo! Watch the video below (It’s in Norwegian, sorry.), and pick up the synth HERE. (Only for Norwegians, sorry.). If you want to get shopping in your own area, you can download the app HERE.




This is how i feel today. Need coffee and a solid couple of hours at the gym. But first, the studio!

“Night Train” – JOWST remix

My good friend JOWST, who is now also competing in the biggest musical competition in Europe, Eurovision, has done me the honor of remixing one of my favorite tracks of my own making this past year, “Night Train” ft. Alida.

Skjermbilde 2017-02-27 kl. 16.44.24.png
How we usually work in the studio, I do the selfies while he does all the work. 

Check it out below, it was recently released with a bunch of other amazing track via Armada Trice!

Synthetic love

While working with my album I’ve visited some amazing studios and been allowed to work on some fantastic synths. So, get ready to nerd with me.

I had a few days with this baby, the Mini Moog Voyager, at Earport Studios. I was beyond ecstatic to work with it, but I have to admit I spent a few hours just playing around with it before doing anything actually useful. I love this synth for creating bass sounds and leads, and the signature warmth of the Moog synths are incredibly evident on this one. You can’t deny the beauty of this instrument either, if I had one I’d most likely have it on display on the mantelpiece.

Look at it, though! So pretty!

It’s album time

My album was supposed to come out spring ’16. Obviously, that didn’t happen. I was working in the studio, and tracks just kept coming to me. My label didn’t want me to kill my flow, so I just made track, upon track until I had way too many of them.

Baphliff, my dog, is an important part of my studio life.

Before Christmas we sat down, and tried to choose the right ones for the album. The hardest thing I’ve ever done! So now I’m back in the studio, putting the finishing touches on my debut album, and I’m so excited to get it ready and out there this spring. 2016 was such a hard, but inspiring year for me and I think that’s going to be evident in the final product. I’ve worked with some amazing people, and I feel even more humbled than before that I get to do what I love.

Awkward selfie stick moment!

Can’t wait for you to hear it!