Flash back – Black Eyes and Blue

While I’m busy creating a new music video for you guys, I’ll take you down memory lane once again, and remember the ‘Black Eyes and Blue’ video with you.

Fun facts about ‘Black Eyes and Blue’:

  • This song is really about domestic violence, and is to me quite a tragic song. But most people experience it as a euphoric happy song.
  • A few of the people crashing the pool party at the end is actually on the Norwegian national team of snowboarding.
  • This song marked our ‘break-through’ in the music industry, when it became the official after movie track of the Ultra Festival, something we were the only Norwegian artists to achieve, until Kygo came along and did it, and people totally forgot about us already having been there.
  • Songwriter and vocals on this is the incredible Ingrid, the lead singer of HIGHASAKITE.


Long time no see, but I thought it was about time to let you guys in on what`s going on in my life again.

Been a busy few days, left L.A for Oslo, but just a few days later I flew out to Miami to play a couple of gigs at Miami Music Week. While I`ve been here I`ve also finished my upcoming mini-album!

IMG_1792Today I played the first of my two gigs, at iHeart Radio. The entire set was broadcast live on iHeart Radio, so no room for mistakes here. I had a lot of fun and got to hang out with both friends and colleagues. I tested a few of my brand new tracks on the audience too, and they seemed to go down really well, so I`m getting super excited to show them to you now.